Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fifteen years of marital bliss?!

I can easily say that not every minute of marriage is blissful.  There have been many times that I have wanted to push my pillow over my husband’s face in the night. For the record: I know he’s wanted to knock me upside the head quite few times also.  There are also those other times; I’ve compiled a list of some of those other times.

1.       When I’ve had a rotten day and he walks in at night and I am so thankful to see his face.

2.       When I’d felt wronged and I needed to tell someone my side of the story, he listens.

3.       When I could just walk out on this whole mothering gig, he talks me off the ledge.

4.       When I want to watch a movie and I pick “Gangs of NY” and he watches to the end with me.

5.       When I’ve worked all day and come home to a clean house.

6.       When I need a roll of toilet paper, yes he may huff and puff but he dosen’t leave me hanging.

7.       When my parents come and visit, and he is always on his best behavior.

8.       When he loves NYC as much as I do, and we smile and reminisce about our trip.

9.       When I want to go to the dog park and he goes with me.

10.   When he knows all my “quarks” and still loves me.

So far I have 3 huge accomplishments in my life.
 1. My marriage 2. My oldest son 3. My youngest son

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