Monday, May 21, 2012


Recently I felt as if I had gained a little weight in my belly area, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  I noticed it was uncomfortable to clip my toenails.  I didn’t think anything of it I just made a mental note in my head.  Then I began to notice that I had to pee ALL THE TIME!  My husband got “fixed” about 6 years ago, so pregnancy was out.  Unless God wanted to bless me with a miracle little girl, which I have prayed for on occasion, so this wasn’t completely too far-fetched.  People have become pregnant after a fixing before, this could be a baby direct from the man upstairs Himself.  From the first time I noticed my pants were tight until I thought hey, maybe I should get this checked out was about 4 months. 

I’m going to back track about 12 years and let you in on this little snippet.  When I was pregnant with my first child my Dr. noticed on an ultrasound a fibroid, she told me it was nothing and they would keep measuring it to make sure it doesn’t start enlarging from the hormones.  Nothing ever came of it.  Then two years later when I was pregnant with my second child the same thing, we’ll keep an eye on it, lots of women have fibroids in their uterus and a lot of the time they never cause any issues.
So it’s time for my annual check-up. She asks me if I’m having any issues, and I said “yeah, I have to pee all the time and there is just a lot of pressure in my belly.  I think my bladder has moved to the front of all my other organs, oh and when I was pregnant they told me I had a fibroid in there.”  “We’ll take a look here” she says.  She begins to examine my belly/vaginal area and she says, “Yeah, it’s like your 20 wks. pregnant”, we finished up my appointment and she sent me down for an ultrasound. Followed by a “we’ll call ya”.

So now I have to get in the car and call my hubby and I start rattling off things but for some reason all he hears is 20 wks. pregnant!! SIDE NOTE:  My husband is not very believing that God would undo a knot and fuse his tube back together and give us another baby. Where I have faith this could actually happen, he doesn’t! We have also always joked that if even if God were to give us a miracle baby John would still want a paternity test done.  “So you’re 20 weeks pregnant”, he says.  “No, no, no I could have an incurable disease and die, I could be pregnant with God’s miracle baby, or remember that fibroid when I was pregnant, it could have gotten bigger.”  I really should wait to tell him things when he gets home from work.
The next day the Dr called to tell me that it was in fact a fibroid, a very large fibroid. She hooked me up with the OGBYN that delivered my second child and I had an appointment with her and here we are 1 ½ wks. post op from total abdominal hysterectomy.

Warning the picture below is actually my uterus with the 11cm fibroid in it.

This will make it a little more difficult for our miracle baby girl, but God can do anything!
I have to add that we are very happy we only have 2 children and we did put a lot of thought into the decision to get John fixed.  So I don’t want anyone dropping cute baby girls off at our doorstep

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