Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I love motherhood

I saw an online contest today and the prize was an apron that said "I love motherhood." My first thought was GAG ME obviously they don't have tweens or teens. 
I guess I started this gig out loving motherhood.  I remember having a birth plan and ending up with a C-section, nursing so my kids would have the best immune system, ok well they actually do, so don't count this one, eating salmon so they would be really smart, getting them into the best elementary school in town 12 miles 2x a day and finding out they are only of average intelligence.  Endlessly volunteering so I can earn "Queen Bee" status. Staying home with them so they can be completely raised by me and not some random woman down the street.  I think the lady down the street might have insisted on better manners and getting the pee in the toilet, that might have been to their advantage.
Now I am entering tween/teen territory where they think I am stupid, and don't know anything.  We put food on the table and they say "what is that?"

Wrote this a few years ago and never posted...

Thursday, February 21, 2013


As you may or may not know (see past post), my dog gets into our trash.  So today Blake said "Mom, when you go to the store, push this button to record and leave the trash unlocked".  I did as the boy said and this is what unfolded...

Monday, May 21, 2012


At Johns work every year there is a Killdeer family that lay eggs.  We are just fascinated by them, so we went down and took pictures and videos.

Mommy sitting on her eggs, she blends so well.

This is mommy she just squawked one time really loud and is standing up because we are too close.  Daddy heard her squawk, and here he comes

This video is what the daddy does to lure us away from the mommy and her eggs.
He makes this te-te-te-te-te-te-te-te noise and flops all around on the ground like he has a broken wing.  As you get closer he gets up and takes you further away from the mommy and eggs.


Recently I felt as if I had gained a little weight in my belly area, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  I noticed it was uncomfortable to clip my toenails.  I didn’t think anything of it I just made a mental note in my head.  Then I began to notice that I had to pee ALL THE TIME!  My husband got “fixed” about 6 years ago, so pregnancy was out.  Unless God wanted to bless me with a miracle little girl, which I have prayed for on occasion, so this wasn’t completely too far-fetched.  People have become pregnant after a fixing before, this could be a baby direct from the man upstairs Himself.  From the first time I noticed my pants were tight until I thought hey, maybe I should get this checked out was about 4 months. 

I’m going to back track about 12 years and let you in on this little snippet.  When I was pregnant with my first child my Dr. noticed on an ultrasound a fibroid, she told me it was nothing and they would keep measuring it to make sure it doesn’t start enlarging from the hormones.  Nothing ever came of it.  Then two years later when I was pregnant with my second child the same thing, we’ll keep an eye on it, lots of women have fibroids in their uterus and a lot of the time they never cause any issues.
So it’s time for my annual check-up. She asks me if I’m having any issues, and I said “yeah, I have to pee all the time and there is just a lot of pressure in my belly.  I think my bladder has moved to the front of all my other organs, oh and when I was pregnant they told me I had a fibroid in there.”  “We’ll take a look here” she says.  She begins to examine my belly/vaginal area and she says, “Yeah, it’s like your 20 wks. pregnant”, we finished up my appointment and she sent me down for an ultrasound. Followed by a “we’ll call ya”.

So now I have to get in the car and call my hubby and I start rattling off things but for some reason all he hears is 20 wks. pregnant!! SIDE NOTE:  My husband is not very believing that God would undo a knot and fuse his tube back together and give us another baby. Where I have faith this could actually happen, he doesn’t! We have also always joked that if even if God were to give us a miracle baby John would still want a paternity test done.  “So you’re 20 weeks pregnant”, he says.  “No, no, no I could have an incurable disease and die, I could be pregnant with God’s miracle baby, or remember that fibroid when I was pregnant, it could have gotten bigger.”  I really should wait to tell him things when he gets home from work.
The next day the Dr called to tell me that it was in fact a fibroid, a very large fibroid. She hooked me up with the OGBYN that delivered my second child and I had an appointment with her and here we are 1 ½ wks. post op from total abdominal hysterectomy.

Warning the picture below is actually my uterus with the 11cm fibroid in it.

This will make it a little more difficult for our miracle baby girl, but God can do anything!
I have to add that we are very happy we only have 2 children and we did put a lot of thought into the decision to get John fixed.  So I don’t want anyone dropping cute baby girls off at our doorstep

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fifteen years of marital bliss?!

I can easily say that not every minute of marriage is blissful.  There have been many times that I have wanted to push my pillow over my husband’s face in the night. For the record: I know he’s wanted to knock me upside the head quite few times also.  There are also those other times; I’ve compiled a list of some of those other times.

1.       When I’ve had a rotten day and he walks in at night and I am so thankful to see his face.

2.       When I’d felt wronged and I needed to tell someone my side of the story, he listens.

3.       When I could just walk out on this whole mothering gig, he talks me off the ledge.

4.       When I want to watch a movie and I pick “Gangs of NY” and he watches to the end with me.

5.       When I’ve worked all day and come home to a clean house.

6.       When I need a roll of toilet paper, yes he may huff and puff but he dosen’t leave me hanging.

7.       When my parents come and visit, and he is always on his best behavior.

8.       When he loves NYC as much as I do, and we smile and reminisce about our trip.

9.       When I want to go to the dog park and he goes with me.

10.   When he knows all my “quarks” and still loves me.

So far I have 3 huge accomplishments in my life.
 1. My marriage 2. My oldest son 3. My youngest son

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quote of the Day!

John boy and I usually go to lunch once a week, we go to this great little cafe` that is inside a hotel/conference center. They treat us like royalty there so we just keep going back.
As we are enjoying our lunch I swear I see our Senator, John Thune walk past the restaurant.  I asked John boy "If I go ask for a picture would you take it?"  His reply, "No, Don't embarrass me again?" lol...
So I asked our waitress and sure enough he was there for a meeting! I told John boy "the Senator looked pretty busy so I'll hit him up next time." And also added "you know he sends us a Christmas card every year."

So on our way to football practice I told the boys "We saw John Thune today at the Cafe`" My oldest says "you did! Who is John Thune?"  "He's only the Republican Senator of the State of South Dakota, fighting in Washington DC for us South Dakotans each and everyday, whom also sends us a Christmas card every year.

"Mom are you guys Republican?"
"Oh yeah"
"Mom, does that mean I'm a Republican too?"
"Well we've got 18 years to make you that way but when you turn 18 you get to decide."

When I tell them that Grandpa is a Republican they'll say something like "Grandpa's a Republican lets definately be Republican".

Friday, August 26, 2011

Little friend down the street

A few nights ago John boy and I were watching TV in the living room and the boys were downstairs, and we heard the fire alarm go off.  We pushed mute and sure enough it was the fire alarm, I shouted to John boy “Go, Go, Go”!  He took off downstairs, I heard his voice get very loud and vaguely heard “what were you thinking”?  I couldn’t wait until he got upstairs so see what they had done.  He gets up stairs and tells me that they had a lighter and a huge can of Lysol!!!! WTFlopnoggin!?  I then thought, you were not down there long enough to truly take care of this situation, so I marched down there and told those boys to get upstairs NOW!   We sat and gave a huge lecture. Then the boys informed me that about 3 weeks ago one of their friends did the aerosol can and lighter trick in our driveway. WTFlopnoggin!? So we lectured on…

So yesterday, I glance into the garage and see the kid!  I go out there and said “hey pyro, I love ya but you have to get out of my garage.  You can’t ever come in my garage! Boys he can come over but not in the garage!”

Funny ha ha for the night:  We were visiting at dinner and my oldest told me, “Pyro told me he has a girlfriend.  They are madly in love.  Oh and mom, she has ADHD.”