Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quote of the Day!

John boy and I usually go to lunch once a week, we go to this great little cafe` that is inside a hotel/conference center. They treat us like royalty there so we just keep going back.
As we are enjoying our lunch I swear I see our Senator, John Thune walk past the restaurant.  I asked John boy "If I go ask for a picture would you take it?"  His reply, "No, Don't embarrass me again?" lol...
So I asked our waitress and sure enough he was there for a meeting! I told John boy "the Senator looked pretty busy so I'll hit him up next time." And also added "you know he sends us a Christmas card every year."

So on our way to football practice I told the boys "We saw John Thune today at the Cafe`" My oldest says "you did! Who is John Thune?"  "He's only the Republican Senator of the State of South Dakota, fighting in Washington DC for us South Dakotans each and everyday, whom also sends us a Christmas card every year.

"Mom are you guys Republican?"
"Oh yeah"
"Mom, does that mean I'm a Republican too?"
"Well we've got 18 years to make you that way but when you turn 18 you get to decide."

When I tell them that Grandpa is a Republican they'll say something like "Grandpa's a Republican lets definately be Republican".

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  1. Funny!!! I would have probably went ahead and tried to embarrass the hubby!!!!!