Friday, August 26, 2011

Little friend down the street

A few nights ago John boy and I were watching TV in the living room and the boys were downstairs, and we heard the fire alarm go off.  We pushed mute and sure enough it was the fire alarm, I shouted to John boy “Go, Go, Go”!  He took off downstairs, I heard his voice get very loud and vaguely heard “what were you thinking”?  I couldn’t wait until he got upstairs so see what they had done.  He gets up stairs and tells me that they had a lighter and a huge can of Lysol!!!! WTFlopnoggin!?  I then thought, you were not down there long enough to truly take care of this situation, so I marched down there and told those boys to get upstairs NOW!   We sat and gave a huge lecture. Then the boys informed me that about 3 weeks ago one of their friends did the aerosol can and lighter trick in our driveway. WTFlopnoggin!? So we lectured on…

So yesterday, I glance into the garage and see the kid!  I go out there and said “hey pyro, I love ya but you have to get out of my garage.  You can’t ever come in my garage! Boys he can come over but not in the garage!”

Funny ha ha for the night:  We were visiting at dinner and my oldest told me, “Pyro told me he has a girlfriend.  They are madly in love.  Oh and mom, she has ADHD.”

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