Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Quotes of The Summer!

“Mom, Hunter’s big brother saw my new shoes and called me a baller, What’s a baller”?

I then told him it’s a kid that plays good basketball.  I looked it up on and it’s a thug that made it to the big time, I just kept that to myself.

“Mom it would be nice for me, brother and dad if you liked nature”!

This is what my youngest said to me after he brought a dripping dead fish into the house.  And I said get the heck out of my house with that thing.

“Mom why don’t you just go back to bed, we were just fine without you”!

This is what I heard after a refreshing nap, when I woke I came out to a living room from hell, and began to give out chores.

“It’s okay mom everyone makes mistakes”

I was given this tidbit after I spilled a bowl if sudsy water while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing out stains in the living room rug.  It did make me feel warm and fuzzy, and that kid got a hug.

“I’m gonna kill em”!

This was said many times by me this summer, I mostly used it as a cry for help!  Husband quickly stepped in and assisted each and every time!

“So when will you be home? I don’t know it matters how drunk I get”.

This wasn’t a quote from anyone in my household but from a favorite movie of mine Overboard.  It made me laugh so darn hard.

“As far as I’m concerned this is my park”!

Yeah, so I said it. And yes it was to 5 kids.  We live across the street from a park and I am… “The Park Nazi”.  My husband hasn’t taken my binoculars yet, but has put a stop to me going over there without his permission.

“Yep, she’s still alive… but she looks so dead there are flies around her”

Our oldest cat basking in the sun in 100 degree heat, this statement was uttered many times by each family member, but only twice did she actually have flies around her.  See post – I used to love cats really.

“My wiener is tingling"

No comment

“He doesn’t need to put on suntan lotion he’s already toasted”

This said by my nephew about my son.

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