Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Lanyard

So this weekend I saw a lady with her car keys around her neck on a lanyard.  At first glance she looked absurd.  As the day progressed I kept coming up with reasons why a lanyard with keys would be beneficial for me. 1. No more scratched sun glasses.  2. No more digging to the bottom of my purse for the darn keys. 3. No more family members waiting in rain or freezing cold for me to find the keys to unlock the car doors. 
Can you imagine digging through this thing?
This could be a win win for everyone!  There is only one downside to this, I will look like a moron.  An ignorant moron who can't keep track of her keys.  At this point I see so many advantages to this lanyard, that looking ignorant is a risk I'm willing to take.
So I bought a lanyard it was $1.99 so John boy said if it doesn't work out it's okay.  I have yet to venture out wearing the thing.  Today is Tuesday so I do a weeks worth of shopping today, I will make myself wear it!
Moron? or Brilliant?

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