Monday, June 13, 2011

Young Guns

The boys ran into a little financial trouble and called Grandpa for some "petty cash".  So they received it in the mail today and had to go shopping TODAY!  After only 20 minutes, they both decided on air soft guns.  Don't judge me.  Here is a tidbit I learned.. you do need parental permission to purchase an air gun at Wal-Mart, good to know. 
While I was checking out the lady before us was smiling at the boys and I asked her "ya think they'll shoot their eyes out?"  She said "I got one of those when I was 12 and it will just left a tiny welt."

I called John boy on the ride home to let him know he will be responsible for the gun lecture, his reply "Sweet".

We did allow them to shoot each other, not in the face though.  We do have some rules!  After about an hour of cordial shooting each other, we hear crying in the garage. We look at each other... Is that crying?  Then it subsides. Five minutes later in comes our youngest with tears still on his cheeks, dad dad can you cock this.  We ask are you okay, oh yeah. 

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