Saturday, June 18, 2011

Martha Stewart? Nope, never heard of her.

Let me preface this story by stating a few things:  1. My family is only happy when I serve them meat and potatoes.  I know this, yet, I still try to get one “different” recipe in every couple of weeks.  2. My mother is Italian, what do Italians do? They cook, and my mother happens to be great at it!  Although it has taken a back seat to quilting, her new favorite thing, oh my poor father it’s a good thing he can grill anything on the grill J 3. I have a couple friends with blogs and they post recipes and cutesy pictures of their beautiful food.  Making it look effortless, simply mix this with this, warm it up viola! Ya whatever!

I saw this great recipe I knew my family would love. Hugs and Kisses Pizza Pinwheels I was not interested in making the pinwheels in an x or o, my intention was to place them like cookies on the sheet.

I’m feeling good; kitchen is spotless and ready to be cooked in. I gather all of my ingredients notice hers says crescent sheet, oopsy daisy – I have crescent rolls but will just flatten them out and squish the seams.Long story short this is what it was supposed to look like prior to baking. 

And here is what I ended up with

I didn’t cry about it, nope! I popped it into the oven as is.
This is the end result; notice I added a little cheese and pepperoni to the top for presentation.

Now I have tried it and it’s not bad, it tastes just like a crescent roll with pizza stuff in it. Now tonight when I try to pass this off as dinner I will get these comments. “What is it” -“it’s really dry” – “ehh, can I have a bowl of cereal”

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