Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I love motherhood

I saw an online contest today and the prize was an apron that said "I love motherhood." My first thought was GAG ME obviously they don't have tweens or teens. 
I guess I started this gig out loving motherhood.  I remember having a birth plan and ending up with a C-section, nursing so my kids would have the best immune system, ok well they actually do, so don't count this one, eating salmon so they would be really smart, getting them into the best elementary school in town 12 miles 2x a day and finding out they are only of average intelligence.  Endlessly volunteering so I can earn "Queen Bee" status. Staying home with them so they can be completely raised by me and not some random woman down the street.  I think the lady down the street might have insisted on better manners and getting the pee in the toilet, that might have been to their advantage.
Now I am entering tween/teen territory where they think I am stupid, and don't know anything.  We put food on the table and they say "what is that?"

Wrote this a few years ago and never posted...

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