Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Hamster

Boomer and our dog Sketch
About 3 weeks ago the boys hamster got out of his cage, this was not unusual he's done it 4 times. After we put the boys to bed the hamster comes out on his own.

Well Boomer didn't come out this time. Not even after 3 days so we assumed the cats ate him.
About a week later I began to notice a faint smell coming from my cupboards. I had John take everything out of this peticular cupboard, to try to find our dead hamster. He found nothing!

Well for the last 2 weeks the smell has gotten worse and I just know that Boomer is under/behind these darn cupboards. I looked on the internet for how long it takes a mouse/hamster to desinigrate. And found no solid answer. So I told John I don't care what you have to do, but you have to get Boomer out TONIGHT!!!

So tonight he will try to nicely take apart our cupboards to find our dead friend.
Here is a before picture of Boomer. I'll be sure to take a 3 week after death picture too.

We took apart the cupboards, and nothing was under there. Then John spotted a secret space that no one could get to except my oldest son, with his long skinny arms. Armed with the gardening gloves he got from Grandma, he pulled out everything from the secret space. First he pulled out about 2 cups of dog food, and scraps of paper. Boomer had a little nest back there. Then yes came our dead Boomer. Oh he stunk! We put him in a zip lock and buried him in the back yard.

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