Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just the two of us

After our fun filled vacation we met my parents in Omaha to give them their car back and give them our little boys for a week and a half. 
Whenever this time of year rolls around, for the boys to go to McCook for a week or so, I always get a little anxious.  They are getting older, so are my parents, McCook is so small will they find enough to do, will the boys have enough fun that they will want to leave friends and do it again next year.  Hell yeah!
I mean Grandma put colored streaks in their hair today.  Grandpa has been feeding them the best steaks and ribs teaching them how to grill it as well.  They've made their own pizzas, done some planting, gone to Cody Go Carts, went to John's parents house and helped them with a garage sale and played with cousins.
So it's just John and I ... together... alone.... all alone with no kids... no reprimanding... nothing... quiet... just the two of us. It gives us a peek into the not so far away future when the boys are grown and leave the nest.  I have always said that when the boys are gone I will never cook, we will eat out every night.  Well for the last 5 days we have ate out for dinner and we're already sick of it! John boy said last night, "I'm sick of the process-waiting for a table-waiting for the food-yadda yadda yadda.  Not to mention our bodies can't handle it. I have to say we have been able to laugh a lot!  I think I forgot how much fun we have together. Its also fun to talk about how far we have come in our lives and how much we love our family and home. And some of the difficult times that once we got through made us even stronger. Enough lovey dovey.
This was John's obsession yesterday
it was so darn hot and muggy I just sat inside and watched TV, read, and napped.  I did grill him a nice big fat steak, potato and corn on the cob for dinner!
Our poor dog is so sad, he really misses the boys look at him
He might be enjoying the quiet.
I haven't bought milk in a week and we usually require 4 gallons, I haven't bought paper towels and we are usually at least a 2 roll minimum per week.

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