Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Falling Down

Yesterday I ran out to the back yard to tell the boys and neighbor kids to get out of the egress window hole (husband's project), and fell off the deck onto my garden bed frame.

This is the gap I was trying to step over.  I've done it a thousand times!  This time I didn't have shoes on.

After I got up and later that evening I realized what exactly happened.  Foot slipped off edge of garden bed, which leaves me falling forward with hands out to catch fall.  Left hand goes off to the side of the garden bed that leaves my face and chest to take the brunt of the fall.  I swear I have a broken rib or two and that my hand is broken.  John boy thinks I go to the Dr. for everything, so I try not to go when it's not necessary although, nothing is necessary to him.