Friday, June 5, 2009

My bike ride last night

It seems that I can never walk fast enough for my little terrier(Sketch) when we go walking so I thought I'd kick it up a notch and ride my bike.
*Flashback* The last time I attempted to ride a bike with a dog was when I was 11 and I took my dog Jocko, all I remember was his leash getting tangled in my wheel and I almost hung him. He went on to live a long happy life.
So here I am, an adult thinking what could possibly go wrong. Everything started great, he was staying clear of my tire and I was paying close attention to the leash. We were at a good pace I was kinda lollygaging gazing at the boys (my boys not just random boys) in front of me. On the other side of the street is this lovely little 6 yr old girl in a sundress skipping with her Yorkie. I was like oh look at that darling girl and her dog...
Yank, Clunk, Sketch saw a bunny and I tipped over on my bike. Let me give you a visual... I have a Mary Poppins bike, old lady bike where you can sit up straight and yes I have a basket, a big one.
The bunny pounced away and Sketch began barking at this guy and his two dogs just standing outside his house watching me. As I'm pulling, sketch he gets out of his harness and runs to the little shitzues. I pick up my bike and as I'm doing so I hear the mother of the little girl across the street say "Sarah get Lola in here" And they put the Yorkie inside. I'm thinking don't freak out it's a terrier not a pit bull. So I get sketch back in his harness and we continue on, I told the boys we have to take Sketch home now and we will continue on.

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